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2005 Columns

Serious Business

   Several months ago, I bought the book “Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship” by Don Blazer. I must admit I didn’t buy the book the first time I saw it in my Equestrian Edge Book Club selections. I’ve read Don Blazer’s columns in the Illinois Horse Network, and I am afraid I didn’t take him seriously. I finally got around to reading the first chapter. (More)

Neglect Has Consequences!

     Several years ago, a fellow boarder said he wanted to come back in his next life as one of my horses (he thought I took extra good care of them)! Back then, I cleaned hooves and groomed regularly. I was probably a bit over zealous, and with time I’ve mellowed.(More)

An Ounce of Prevention?

I really hate to use my own problems as “lessons” for my readers, but  sometimes that’s just the way it is! Maybe someone can avoid my  mistakes.(More)

Connect and Reconnect

While surfing eBay possibilities, I discovered (and purchased) a video, “Despooking the Horse,” for $8.00 (plus $4 shipping). This four hour video was not represented as a professionally produced work, but as an instructional tool. I thought for eight bucks, I wouldn’t lose too much and I was curious. I enjoyed the video, and my husband is still raving about it! The featured clinician is....(More)

The Perfect Horse

It is fascinating to see the number of horses for sale on the internet that need more training! The ads for horses so well trained and quiet that anyone can ride are usually marked "SOLD," which tells me that’s what most people are looking for. Just like us.

Maybe we are all looking for the "perfect horse." A well known trainer’s magazine by that name is meant to help us fix whatever we own to make it become that ideal. But fixing any horse takes enormous time and patience. Not to mention that a bit of skill and knowledge also comes in very handy.(More)

To Ride or Not To Ride

Facing the possibility of never riding a horse again is more than depressing. It’s like facing the final fact of human mortality! My husband’s back is the problem, not mine, but he’s my riding buddy! I understand his depression; I’d be depressed too, if I really couldn’t ride again!(More)

Your Attention, Please!

We’ve all heard the joke about using a two by four to get a mule’s attention, right? Well, there is some truth here: it is always advisable to get the attention of man or beast before trying to communicate! (More)

One Step at a Time!

Here’s a question for my readers: How is the process of training a horse like publishing a book? The answer is: both take more time and patience than you thought!  (More)

Danger: Slippery Rubber!

I was in a hurry and feeling pressured. Backing the truck up to the horse trailer and connecting was usually a simple task. Working alone this time, I couldn’t find where my husband had stored the trailer lights adapter! I wasn’t late, but I had a long way to go and I didn’t know exactly how long it would take. I had an appointment to take Traveller to an equine chiropractor. I really believed Traveller had a back problem and I hoped a chiropractor might be able to help.  (More)

Creatures of Habit!

I thought Traveller had learned to come to me when called…until I called him to come out of the paddock through a different gate!(More)

New Lady on the Block!

I remember saying only a few weeks ago how much I appreciated Traveller except for his lack of stamina. I enjoy a horse that’s eager to go and Traveller, at 19, isn’t eager anymore. Maybe we’re both bored and I don’t ride enough to keep him fit.(More)

The Lady Is A Teacher!

I enjoy a horse that is eager to go where I want to go! My Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Lady, is like that. She moves briskly along at a smooth running walk, and she is easy and fun to ride. She needs to learn a few things, but I find that she is quite a good teacher, herself!(More)

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