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2013 Columns

2013 Columns:

Dealing with December Depression

     I started this column in my head as I walked our dog in November. I was depressed, and I hoped a long walk out in an open field would help. I didn’t feel like riding my horse alone—that’s how bad it was. But after Ribbons and I came back from our walk, I decided to share some of my thoughts. I know I’m not the only one who feels sad this time of year.
     Knowing the cause of one’s depression helps only so much. I knew most of the why in my own case. While working intensely on my next book, a memoir of what God has done in my life, I’ve had to relive memories that brought tears. Last December, I had three sons. Now I have two. (More)

What Have I Done?

    While racking my brain about what to write in this column, I received an email from Rahn Greimann, who said he was the owner of Performance Horse Digest and It was a nice letter, reminiscing about the fading summer and asking if I had ridden enough while I had the chance. I had no idea who this guy was, and I had never seen the Performance Horse Digest. But his question of course got me thinking.  (More)

Ribbons in the Yard!

     If you have both dogs and horses, have you noticed the similarity in training? Our new dog, Ribbons, has opened my eyes, so to speak. I was proud of the way she always stayed at my side, until one day I did something I would never have done with a horse!   (More)

What’s a Cardinal got to do with it?

     First, for my Facebook friends, the Crazy Cardinal is no longer flying into the back door, the living room picture window, or the dining room patio doors, waking me up at 5:30 a.m. He has finally lost interest since I taped newspaper over all the glass. Funny thing is—I kinda miss him, after more than two months of dealing with his persistence!   (More)

Like a Tree

     Sally Swift would approve my breakfast ritual. Back in the 80’s, I heard her say that her Centered Riding basics should be applied to all of life. I apply them to my posture as I stand at my kitchen window, eating breakfast while watching finches fighting over a sack of Nyjer seed.   (More)

Garbage Cans and Cardboard Boxes

   Now that I have only one horse, I feel like a new woman! Life is easier, with less pressure, and I have more time and money. My husband cleans the stall, and I ride. What more could I ask? Well, I’d rather have my old reliable Traveller back, but that’s not possible. I may never make Lady into the perfect horse, but I’m going to enjoy the effort—because I’m not ready to trade her off!   (More)

Just Lady and Me

     Rocky has a new owner. I watched the trailer pull away and I cried. I will miss my beautiful horse, but I feel in my heart that his new owner will love him and take good care of him. I don’t have time or energy anymore for two horses.

     Now, I have only Lady. For the first time in ten years, I am a one-horse owner. I love it! My husband volunteered to clean her stall while I ride, and I couldn’t imagine a better arrangement! He gets some exercise and I have more time and energy for Lady! The day after Rocky left, I rode.    (More)

A Challenging Question

     I recently received a comment from a reader regarding a sensitive issue. She is Jewish. She told me she has horses and she likes my columns, but she asked me why I feel I need to add Jesus into my story. She accused me of assuming that all my readers are followers of Jesus. What if they aren’t? Her point was quite thought-provoking!  (More)

The Road Ahead

     First, I want to thank those who sent me a contest entry in response to my last two columns. I appreciate the efforts and encouragement from those who took the time to respond. I received some good ideas and I am still mulling things over. I may try several of the ideas I received. I’m waiting for warmer weather, however, hoping that will inspire me to get back into the saddle.    (More)

Consider the Why

    My February column announced a contest. If you forgot or didn’t read it, here’s the deal. I want to teach Lady something new, simply because of my amazing experience in 2011 when I taught her to pull a small log before our first ACTHA ride. Lady was a different horse that whole day. Instead of reacting to new things as she often does, she seemed to be thinking about each obstacle.   (More)

Just What I Needed

     I haven’t ridden since the middle of November. I have two horses, and the stable where I board has an indoor arena, and I have no excuses. I’m just not a winter person. I hate cold weather, and the older I get, the more I hate it!

     I recently received an email newsletter from Mary Midkiff, and it was exactly what I needed. She mentioned an article by Debbie Moors in the September 2012 issue of Horse and Rider magazine, titled “Easing Back In.” The article was written for those who haven’t ridden for years, but it was also appropriate for my current situation.  (More)

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