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Technology and Other “Stuff”!

     Well, dear readers, this is not my usual column—and it may be my last. I’ve been changing computers, transferring data from one to another, having to deal with all that “STUFF!”  Dealing with the problems of technology has made me take another look at my priorities.

     For four years, I’ve had two desktop computers on my home office desk. Yeah, kinda crowded, but I’m used to clutter. I did my writing on the older Dell with XP system, and used the newer, faster one with Windows 7 for internet research. (More)

About Horse Colic

     When a fellow boarder at our stable had to deal with colic recently, I decided to share some things learned from her experience. I’ve had to deal with colic myself, and I’ve lost two horses that way (one was my husband’s). Colic is the leading cause of premature death for horses.

     I’ve had three horses with colic that got through it. My Lady was one of them, after she ingested limestone while eating her hay! I wrote about that in my October column of 2008, titled Lady’s Progress, which is still on my website. My first mare, Fanny, had several bouts of colic until I started adding a handful of wet wheat bran in her feed. Colic has several possible causes, and each case is different. (More)

The Challenge of Discipleship

     When Lynn Baber told me about her new book, Discipleship with Horses, Journey of Joy, I was eager to read it! It was the third book of a trilogy, however, and I suddenly realized I had not read her first two—which I’m embarrassed to admit since I have known Lynn (online) for some time. I had even asked her for advice a few years ago about how to fix Lady’s fear of big trucks and tractors.

     Lynn left a career in the business world to launch her Amazing Grays Ministry, retiring as a World and National Champion breeder and trainer. She writes and teaches Christian Horse Training—“the process of creating transformative relationship between human and horse that produces faith strong enough to banish fear and mirrors the journey you share with Jesus Christ.” Remember that word: transformative. (More)

What about a Sofa?

    Unplanned adventures often become memorable lessons. Not long ago, I had decided to sell my Lady, because I have lost the energy to do the work. I realize that depression depletes energy, and I’ve had my share of loss. I was ready to walk away from horses altogether. And then I was asked a question about an old sofa. 

     My husband and I were driving to the barn to clean Lady’s stall, when I noticed it. The next door neighbor had set out a small sofa with a sign, “Free.” I wasn’t interested. But in the barn, a fellow boarder was just putting her saddle away after a ride down the road past that free sofa.  (More)

Challenged by a Book

     I’m reading a new book, Discipleship with Horses, Journey of Joy, by Lynn Baber. I wanted to read it the moment I saw the title. I bought it on Amazon, planning to read it on the plane while my husband and I traveled to Colorado to visit his daughter. I haven’t finished it yet, but I want to share a piece of the joy now, and I hope to share a more thorough review next month.

     I’ve never met Lynn, but she read my book, Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse, and we have had email and Facebook contact. She had been a World and National Champion breeder and trainer, now retired from that to become director of the Amazing Grays Ministry. I once asked her advice regarding Lady’s fear of tractors and big trucks.    (More)

Reliving Past Lessons

     My last column mentioned some changes in my life. The publisher of my first book had closed down, and I decided to publish a revised second edition of Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse with Xulon Press, the same publisher that did my second book, MARES! (ya gotta love em). I thought it would be a simple process, to just give them the file and have the book available again.   

     Xulon did a diagnostic review and recommended a certain change in punctuation. Not a big deal, but I had only a PDF file which could not be edited. They offered to retype the book and make the recommended changes, for only $1800. Excuse me, but I could do it myself for a lot less.     (More)

Getting Through the Changes

     What does one write about when one has done nothing worth writing about for several months? I can only share what I know and sometimes that isn’t much. Right now, it’s all about changes.

     Sometimes I think I’ve lost my passion for horses. What? Is that possible? I’ve been around horses all my life! What would I do without a horse? And could I possibly find a new home good enough for my Lady?    (More)

Developing the Listening Art

     I have enjoyed regular emails from Jane Savoie, titled Motivation from Moshi (her black Fresian), hypothetically written by Moshi himself! These wise tidbits from the horse’s point of view have great value for us humans!

     One recent motivational piece began: “Lots of people talk to their horses, but not many actually listen in return. Have you noticed that?” Moshi goes on to say that the way he talks to the farrier is to pull a little bit with the foot he wants to put down.   (More)

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